Who else needs to know?

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There are certain people who need to know about your scoliosis surgery. Read about why you should inform your dentist and airport security.

Key points

  • It is important to inform your dentist that you have had a spinal implant, as you may need antibiotics before any dental procedures.
  • It is important to inform airport security that you have had a spinal implant, in case your implant sets off the metal detector.

Usually you can decide who you want to know about your spinal surgery. However, there are a few people that you should definitely inform.

Your dentist

Some teens who have gone through surgery need antibiotics before seeing the dentist. Your surgeon will let you know if this is necessary. Before you have any dental work or surgery done, let your dentist know you have had spine surgery.

Airport security

In these times, airport security is especially strict. It is very unlikely that the security detector will sound off when you go through it. If it does, just explain that you have had back surgery and that you have a spinal implant attached to your spinal column.

Last updated: June 1st 2008