Hemophilia: The impact of transition

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When teens take more responsibility over their hemophilia care, they start the process of transition. Learn how transition impacts their lives.

Like all life-changes, learning how to take more responsibility for your care can make you nervous. It is normal to feel this way. Preparing for what lies ahead will help ease the process of transition as you gain more confidence in managing your care on your own.


This transition will not only have an impact on you, but also on your parents and the way you receive hemophilia care.

You will:

  • potentially have to adjust to receiving care in a new environment and with a new care team
  • take more personal responsibility for your health
  • develop more confidence in your ability to manage your hemophilia
  • obtain greater independence and control in making decisions about your care.

Your parents will learn to:

  • have less of a role in your hemophilia management
  • let go of their role as caregivers and trust that you are ready and able to take on more responsibility for your health.

Transition will change the way you access your hemophilia care:

  • you will most likely go to a different hospital or treatment centre that focuses on adult care.
  • your new comprehensive care team may be smaller in size. They will need some time to learn about you and the kind of support you need.
Last updated: March 13th 2019