Relaxation without tension

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In the previous page, you learned how to relax your muscles after tensing them first. You can learn to relax without tension by imagining the feelings you have when your muscles are relaxed. This way, you won’t need to tense your muscles first.

Learning how to relax without tension

As you did with the relaxation with tension exercise, find a comfortable, quiet place to sit. When you hit play, an audio recording will start. The audio recording will lead you through the muscle relaxation without tension exercise. Begin when you are ready.

Practice tips

  • You need to put all of your focus and thought into this exercise.
  • As you think about each muscle, you can let it get warm, heavy, and relaxed.
  • The relaxation gets deeper as you become familiar with the wonderful feelings of letting go.
  • Letting your body relax gets easier each time you do it.
  • Get comfy, sit back, and practice relaxing without tension.
  • Enjoy the feelings of relaxation!

Last updated: January 31st 2017