Relaxation with tension

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Relaxation is a way to relieve muscle tension and pain by tensing and then relaxing different groups of muscles in your body. You start in one area and then move on to different groups of muscles, tensing and relaxing as you go. After tensing the muscles for a few seconds, they will want to relax. You will be able to relax deeply after tensing your muscles. It is a good exercise to help you notice the difference between what tension and relaxation feels like.

Think about all the muscles in your body that you can tense and relax like your forehead, jaw, neck, upper back and shoulders, upper and lower arms, stomach, upper and lower legs, and feet. Are you ready to try it out and get totally relaxed?

Learning how to relax with tension

Find a comfortable, quiet place to sit. When you hit play, an audio recording will start and lead you through the muscle relaxation exercise. Begin when you are ready.

Practice tips

  • Remember the goal is to learn how your muscles feel when they are tense. There is no need to twist or turn your neck, head, or feet so much that it becomes uncomfortable.
  • Some muscles may be harder to relax than others, because the tension may be worse in those muscles. Spend extra time on muscles you find hard to relax.

Last updated: January 31st 2017