Regular appointments for cancer treatment

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You will have many appointments with your health-care team as part of your treatment. Read about why it is so important to attend your regular appointments, even if you feel fine.

Key points

  • It is important to attend all of your regular appointments, even if you aren't feeling well, so that your health-care team can monitor how the treatment is working and it's affects.
  • You should attend your appointments even if you feel fine and do not have any concerns so that your team can understand what's working well and you can discuss cancer follow-up care and future health needs.

During cancer treatment you will have many appointments with your doctor or other members of your health-care team.

Sometimes, you may find it difficult to attend all of your appointments. There may be days when you feel too sick or tired, or times when appointments get in the way of school, work or other activities. Some days you may just not feel like going.

At times like these, it can be helpful to have a reminder of your ultimate goal: to be as healthy as possible. A big part of getting there is attending your regular appointments.

Why is it so important to attend my appointments?

Appointments are where you check in with your health-care team. When they see you regularly, they can:

  • monitor how well your treatment is working
  • adjust your treatment plan if needed
  • monitor your overall health
  • monitor any side effects you may be experiencing and help you handle them
  • support you and your family as you adjust to life with cancer
  • answer any questions you or your family may have.

What if I feel fine?

Even if you’re feeling well, it’s still really important to go to your appointments. One part of monitoring your treatment and health is understanding what helps you feel good. When you feel well and don’t have any immediate concerns, you have the opportunity to talk about cancer follow-up and your specific future health needs with your health-care team.

Last updated: September 3rd 2019