Healthy bodies during puberty

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Eating healthy foods, being physically active and sleeping well are important parts of a healthy lifestyle. Read about tips for keeping healthy as you navigate puberty.

Key points

  • Establish healthy eating routines and make healthy food choices.
  • Be physically active by regularly participating in activities you enjoy.
  • Get a good night's sleep by setting a regular sleep schedule.

What is puberty

Puberty is a time where your body is rapidly growing and experiencing many physical and mental changes. As you navigate these changes, it can be helpful to engage in healthy habits that will provide the foundation to a healthy lifestyle. Eating properly, exercising regularly and maintaining healthy sleep habits are all parts of establishing a healthy lifestyle.

Establish healthy eating routines

Eating well is important for everyone, especially growing teens.

  • Eat three meals a day. It is important not to skip meals, especially breakfast.
    • Healthy routines include eating three meals per day and having something to eat approximately every three hours, which can include 1-3 snacks daily.
  • Try to eat within half an hour of waking up.
  • Between meals, plan for healthy snacks such as yogurt and fruit, cut up vegetables and hummus, or whole grain crackers and cheese. One to three healthy snacks a day can be helpful in preventing getting overly hungry between meals.
  • Eat slowly and without distractions like homework, TV or other screens. That way, you can better sense when you are full.
  • See Canada's Food Guide for recommended ratios to aim for and examples of foods that are high in helpful nutrients to the body.
  • Eat at home more often. Try to eat out less often.
  • Eat home cooked meals with family more often.
Make healthy food choices
  • Choose water. If you are not that interested in water, choose from a variety of sugar-free drinks like unsweetened milk or soy-beverages and sparkling water.
  • Add sugar-free flavour-enhancing products, mint or fruits like lemon, lime, cucumber or orange wedges to tap water or sparkling water for additional variety and flavour.
Last updated: May 5th 2023