Arthritis associations

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There are many arthritis organizations in Canada that can provide additional resources to you to help you better manage JIA.

Cassie + Friends: A Society for Children and Families Affected by Juvenile Arthritis and Other Rheumatic Diseases

Cassie + Friends Society is Canada’s only charity dedicated 100% to kids and families in the pediatric rheumatic disease community. Working with patients, families, healthcare professionals, researchers and other friends, they help kids and families face the challenges of life with chronic disease through life-changing support, education, community and research.

Online support

Cassie + Friends Society's website is an online community of trusted information and new friends that helps kids and families stay resilient and positive every step of the way.

Kids on the Block School Program

The educational puppet troupe spreads awareness about Juvenile Arthritis in schools and helps affected kids gain more acceptance and understanding.

Family Day

An unforgettable, one-day event for the whole family focused on connection, education and fun. The Cassie + Friends Society's Family Day is the largest Juvenile Arthritis event in Canada.


Cassie + Friends Society invests in research that helps kids get back to being kids through safer, more effective treatments and patient-centered care. To date, they have committed over $1-million to research projects and partners at the University of British Columbia, BC Children’s Hospital, SickKids and more.

Visit Cassie + Friends Society's website to learn more:

​Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance (CAPA)

The Canadian Arthritis Patient Alliance (CAPA) is run by people with arthritis. CAPA looks into and gives opinions about issues related to arthritis. These issues could include access to medications or health care.

Childhood Arthritis Committee

CAPA has a Childhood Arthritis Committee. The committee focuses on young people who have arthritis. The committee is made up of adults who had arthritis as children. There are also parents of children with arthritis on the committee. The committee works with paediatric rheumatologists, nurses and teachers. It helps to raise awareness through education.


CAPA publishes a newsletter. The newsletter talks about the newest research on arthritis. CAPA also puts out other resources about arthritis in young people. These include:

  • Parent's Checklist for JIA and Beginning School Years
  • Research Breakthrough for Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Public Involvement at Health Canada

Visit CAPA’s website to learn more:

The Arthritis Society (TAS)

The Arthritis Society is an organization for people with arthritis. It is the largest non-profit arthritis organization in Canada. TAS searches for the causes and cures for arthritis. It promotes the best possible care for people living with arthritis. TAS provides education and community supports. It promotes research to improve the lives of Canadians living with arthritis.


The Arthritis Society website provides the latest information on arthritis. This includes tips to help people with arthritis, their families, and friends. There is also a special section called “Just for Kids.”

Arthritis Information Line (1.800.321.1433):

Specially trained volunteers can provide you with information about arthritis. They can talk about the different forms of arthritis, ways to manage your pain, and common treatments for arthritis. You can also find out information on local programs in your area and community services. You can get referrals to support groups and water-based exercise programs.


The Arthritis Society web site has a list of programs and supports for your local area or province. You can also ask your health care team about services in your area.

Arthritis Self-Management Program (ASMP)

This is a self-management program for adults with arthritis. The program is similar to the online version you have just finished. This six-week program is led by specially trained volunteer leaders. It can help you learn how to take control of your arthritis. Topics include:

  • arthritis, its treatments and medications
  • how to manage pain and fatigue
  • how to increase your independence
  • tips on healthy eating and the benefits of exercise
  • how to cope with stress and depression.


The Arthritis Society helps to improve the lives of all Canadians with arthritis. Research can help us learn about what causes arthritis and how to manage it. The Arthritis Society helps to raise funds for this very important research.

Childhood Arthritis & Rheumatology Research Alliance (CARRA):

The Childhood Arthritis and Rheumatology Research Alliance (CARRA) is a North American organization of pediatric rheumatologists that have joined to support research in childhood arthritis and pediatric rheumatology. Through their research, they hope to improve the health and quality of life of children living with rheumatic disease and arthritis. CARRA has created a network of pediatric rheumatology researchers across North America that is working together on research studies.

Canadian Alliance of Pediatric Rheumatology Investigators (CAPRI):

CAPRI represents researchers from rheumatology clinics across Canada. The goal of CAPRI is to gain new knowledge to benefit children and adolescents with rheumatic diseases. This organization also supports collaboration amongst researchers in conducting their studies. ​​​​​​

Last updated: January 31st 2017